Skytrax announces 2021 “World’s Best Airline”

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(CNN)— Due to the impact of Covid on the aviation industry, this year is not a good year for airlines, but for a Middle Eastern airline, the situation is much better.

Qatar Airways tops the list in Skytrax’s latest ranking of the world’s best airlines List of Best Airports of the Year.

Passengers were asked about the performance and quality of more than 350 airlines worldwide.

Skytrax ranked second in Singapore Airlines, while All Nippon Airways ranked third.

This is the sixth time Qatar Airways has won Skytrax’s highest award. This year it also won the world’s best business class, the world’s best business class seat, the best airline in the Middle East, the world’s best business class lounge, and the best business class inflight meal.

Skytrax CEO Edward Plaisted said in a statement on the results: “It is clear that Qatar Airways has maintained high standards during more normal times and during the current global pandemic. Innovation and service standards.”

The top five on Skytrax are Emirates and Japan Airlines.

Flying during a pandemic

This has been an unusual year for the aviation industry, as many airlines have been grounded for most of the past 18 months. This year, Skytrax replaced its usual face-to-face celebrations with online announcements.

During the pandemic, Qatar Airways’ aircraft remained very active in the sky.

“When loyal customers need us most, we never give up on them. We continue to fly to get people home, and implement strict biosecurity measures to provide passengers with strong guarantees, while continuing to innovate to ensure that we are still in the hundreds. The airline of choice for 10,000 passengers is worldwide,” Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al-Baker said in a statement on victory.

Second place Singapore Airlines also won the best airline in Asia, and won the best crew, the world’s best first class, the world’s best first class seats and the best economy class catering services. The third place ANA Al Nippon Airways is also recognized as the cleanest cabin in the world, the best airport service in the world, the best airline staff in Asia and the best first-class lounge in Asia.

Skytrax noted that “compared to the 2019 results, there have been some ups and downs, although the core of the airline still dominates these higher positions.”

Japan Airlines absent Skytrax 2019 top 10, But ranked fifth this year. At the same time, Lufthansa and Thai Airways ranked 9th and 10th respectively in 2019, but dropped to 13th and 23rd respectively this year.

The first noteworthy item in this year’s awards can be found in the Low Cost Market Awards-Singapore’s budget airline Scoot was named the world’s best long-haul low-cost airline, while Spanish airline Vueling won the best low-cost airline in Europe. Cost airlines defeated competition from companies such as EasyJet.

Skytrax ranks Air France as the best airline in Europe, and the French national airline is also the only European airline in the top 10 overall. British Airways ranks 11th overall and won the Best Airline Award in the United Kingdom. It was named the best airline employee in Europe and the best premium economy class catering.

In the U.S. market, Delta Air Lines was named the best airline in North America and won awards such as Best Premium Economy Class Seat, Best Business Class in North America, and Best Premium Economy Class in North America. Delta Air Lines is also the highest-rated airline in the United States, ranking 30th on the overall list.

Skytrax Top Airline 2021

1. Qatar Airways

2. Singapore Airlines

3. All Nippon Airways

4. Emirates

5. Japan Airlines

6. Cathay Pacific

7. EVA Air

8. Qantas

9. Hainan Airlines

10. Air France

Skytrax’s cleanest cabin in the world in 2021

1. All Nippon Airways

2. Singapore Airlines

3. Japan Airlines

4. Qatar Airways

5. EVA Air

6. Cathay Pacific

7. Asiana Airlines

8. Korean Air

9. Hainan Airlines

10. Swiss International Air Lines

Skytrax World’s Best Airline in 2021

Northern Europe-Finnair

Western Europe-Air France

Eastern Europe – Aeroflot

Africa-Ethiopian Airlines


Central Asia/India-Air Astana

China-Hainan Airlines

Central America/Caribbean-Panama Airlines

South America-Latin America

North America-Delta Air Lines

Asia – Singapore Airlines

Middle East-Qatar Airways

Europe-Air France

Skytrax 2021 World’s Best Low-Cost Airline

1. AirAsia

2. Southwest Airlines

3. Scoot

4. Vueling Airlines

5. Indigo

6. Easy

7. Jetstar Airways

8. Ryanair

9. Jetstar Asia

10. Flenas

Skytrax 2021 World’s Best Flight Attendant

1. Singapore Airlines

2. All Nippon Airways

3. Thai Airways

4. Garuda Indonesia

5. Japan Airlines

6. Hainan Airlines

7. EVA Air

8. Asiana Airlines

9. Cathay Pacific

10.Qatar Airways

Skytrax 2021 Best Airline Seat

Economy Class – Japan Airlines

Premium Economy Class-Delta Air Lines

Business – Qatar Airways

First Class-Singapore Airlines

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